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Stop being swept along by life's current. Take the helm of your destiny and step into your unlimited future. Begin to live fully engaged, fully alive ... live on purpose!

A rounded arrow pierces no target! You must participate in the design of your own future. Intentionality is sharpening your arrow and taking aim at a specific target. It is the art of crafting your destiny. Identify your passion and discover all that makes you unique. Become aware of your natural strengths and developed skills, then focus your choices, your resources, and your energy on developing mastery in your field.

Dr. Lance Wallnau says, "Intentionality is more than will power. In its highest form, it is a quality of commitment that summons the unseen realm to come to the aid of the seeker. This book may be materializing in your hands because it is time for you to do something brilliant. Wendy is the perfect guide for this moment."


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