Personal Branding - Intentional Image

Personal Branding - Intentional Image
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This enlightening course on Personal Branding will not only help you discover your unique identity, but also help you to clearly articulate that identity.

You have something to offer. The world needs what you’ve got!

Wendy Walters has an exceptional ability to help others develop their natural gifts and skills and step into a more fulfilling vocation or launch a business. Working through this course will help you create language to pinpoint your passion and communicate your mission. You will be equipped to develop your own personal brand standard, create a tagline, form a logo, fashion products from your intellectual property or skills and generate a strategic launch plan.

There is even a FREE Bonus Session for those desiring to step into professional speaking, coaching, or consulting.

This personal branding process has helped hundreds find clarity and confidence, giving them the tools needed to step into the next phase of destiny. Take this course and you too will discover, define, develop, and declare your unique identity!

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